You know what they say ” Birds of a feather flock together.” Nothing could be truer. But God made bird’s, He made them resiliently and Thank God for molting! The point is sometimes it’s time for the feather to fall away from the bird so newness can take place.

See every bird molt’s in their own time. The problem though is even when we’re done molting we get stuck or comfy in the coop and wait for another one to take off, but you see it might not be time for another to take off! It might be your time! See those new feathers bring flight and, at times beautiful colors/designs.

Be patient while those feather’s that are falling out we are uncomfortable, and well you just look a hot mess, but when that new feather’s come in they bring a new use and new beauty to the bird. See, when we are done molting, we are okay to move out of the nest or coop. We are not completely ready to fly until our new feathers come in, but in due season we will soar again.

See some of us are eagles, songbirds, or maybe even a pelican trying to live in a chicken coop or a parakeet’s cage. It isn’t going to work, see an eagle, or little songbird and yes even a pelican have a particular job. If you pin them up in a coop, they become like chickens or other domesticated fowl. See chickens, and other domestic fowl were given a job to be on the supper table or for entertainment. Eagles, songbirds, and pelicans were meant to Soar, Sing, and Fish!

Listen, don’t mistake yourself for a chicken or a domesticated bird that lives its life in a coop or cage. God made you wild, He made you soar like eagles, He made us sing the song of your salvation, He made you fish for spiritual food and maybe even lead a few to the fish so they can feed themselves. Listen people are like wild birds, we were never meant to be caged. We are useless if we are caged and bound up outside of our environment.


I’ve seen some eagles that sadly never take off because they are trying to live in chicken coops never satisfied because they were eating chicken scratch and over growing the coop.


I have seen some songbirds never singing because they have flown into a coop by accident and found themselves frantic and panicked and taking on the habits of chickens, so they conform thinking this life is terrifying!





I’ve seen pelicans trying to be satisfied with chicken scratch and pecking around in the grass and starve to death because they felt like they lost too many feathers and were stuck but also never suppose to fish even though down deep they knew they were dying and starving.




Those are some crazy pictures!! Honestly, we would laugh ourselves silly if we saw any of these wild birds trying to live with our domesticated birds. So let me ask you this then if God made you wild why are we settling for caged, cooped, afraid Chicken Little ” They Sky is Falling” lives in Jesus Christ?

So if you are an eagle soar, if your new feathers have come in! If you are a beautiful songbird free and wild, then sing for the Lord; if your new feathers have come in. If you are an awkward Pelican in your “now” environment but a terrific fisherman in your environment then take off and Fish!! Take off and find the body of water you were meant to fish; if your new feathers have come in FLY!!!!

Leave that cage or coop! See Bird’s of a feather or certain kind do flock together. The problem is some birds are never meant to flock together. They actually end up frustrated, depressed, lonely, starving and sometimes die because they refuse to be what God called them too! They might have been raised with chicken’s, and parakeet’s and it was good, but now we are done molting and we have gotten our flying feather’s and it’s time to fly the coop or cage and get out there and do what God has called us to do! The coop’s or cage safety guarded you until now, but now you are big enough to guard the coop or cage! So do it!