I have thought long and hard about what I am going to say. I am praying that people would receive this in love but truth. I am not implying all churches when I am referring to “the church” I am referring to the family of God the whole body of believers; just to make that clear. Something is happening to the body of Christ, and honestly, I have just been in tear’s all morning.  I see the compromise of God’s Word, I see hatred, I see blindness, I see the gospel being preached but little or no grace is coming with that. The Holy Spirit is where the grace of God is activated. Christ’s spirit has been given to enable us to live GRACE.

We fail as the body to teach about the Holy Spirit effectively. I am no expert, believe me, many godly men are gifted to teach on the Holy Spirit and His active role in the divine Trinity.  We make confessions and creeds of the Holy Spirit in our song’s, and we read about the marvelous works the Holy Spirit enabled the early church to do. We have no support whatsoever in scripture; Believe me, I have searched diligently praying and asking the Holy Spirit to reveal to me where in scripture these gifts located in (1 Corinthians 12) through the Holy Spirit have been extinguished and boxed up and died with the execution of the Apostle Paul.

This is where I believe and many other’s who are frightened to say anything or ask the hard questions because of fear of fellow man. Life throws us hard situations with the hard question’s to ask. It is not to quarrel; it is not to be defensive, but it is to engage our minds, hearts, and souls back to the Word of God and stand firmly on the Word. This is the point of the Holy Spirit to engage in question’s and answer’s and also in just an ordinary relationship listen, laugh, and cry. But something strange and wrong is happening to the beautiful body of Christ. Somewhere along the line, we have accepted a lie spurred not by people but by dark and evil forces that God does not do or use the Holy Spirit in this way ( I have enough reverent fear in my body to be 100 percent confident of that) I am reminded of Hebrews 10:31). We believe what a man believes and says over what our King and Savior says in the Word.

We have justified not following the Word of God to the letter because we are super quick to defend and argue our truth. We sadly break down the Word because we are justifying and hiding from the Spirit of truth and well when you do that you grieve, stifle, push away the Holy Spirit, so His leading in your life so distant. I am not saying I don’t get it wrong because honestly, I do. I believe we all do at certain times. I will never forget where Jesus rescued me from. Jesus, keeps that part of my heart very tender and keeps me very aware. Not to harm me but to spur me to help the brokenhearted, to be soothing and comforting to a hurting heart. I can not do this! I in my flesh am not a right person. I can be sweet and kind and loving only through the Helper, The Counselor, The Holy Spirit. That is what sets us apart church. We are so depraved in our flesh, utterly wicked and wrong. We can not think good, act good, be good, love properly, serve correctly, evangelize effectively, teach effectively without The Holy Spirit.

The scriptures say so much about The Holy Spirit being a part of the Godhead. Sadly the Body of believers and, all the world that Christ laid His life down, reminding you Jesus was fully man and God and, could have brought down the army of heaven to deliver Him but He chose us instead!

The Body (church) sadly has forgotten His power and how marvelous His Spirit is! Two scriptures that the Lord through the Holy Spirit has been saying to me 2 Timothy 3:5 having a form of godliness but denying its power. Turn away from such as these! But also Revelation 12:10 And I heard a loud voice in heaven, saying: “Now have come the salvation and the power and the kingdom of our God, and the authority of His Christ. For the accuser of our brothers has been thrown down, he who accuses them day and night before our God.

We will never overcome the evil one, or in this verse, he is named the accuser of the brethren, without the power of The Holy Spirit. If we refuse to be disciplined and trained up by the Holy Spirit, then the accuser of the brethren does just that he accuses and spur’s accusations, and he is doing it wildly through the body of Christ. The enemy has taken the believer’s captive in the net of unbelief and complacency that even if the Holy Spirit was to be poured out upon the body would we identify it being from God or the enemy? Or are we so worried about what we want to do that we have become veiled by our flesh? I can only answer for myself, and I know I need to strengthen my walk and relationship with Christ.

I am praying for the Body not to fall into the snare of being used not only to accuse the brethren but to lead God’s people captive in their understanding of God.Look that position is filled by Satan that is what he does and prompt’s people to do. If we are to rebuke another, we are to do it gently and with great love and compassion, lest we fall into the same snare ourselves. We must walk every day in Spirit (The HOLY SPIRIT) and in Truth (THE WORD OF GOD) if we fail to do so we stifle the Spirit, and without the Spirit, we can not hear, see, or use our spiritual gifts. I am asking God to cover this message with grace and truth.

Lord, let the hearts and souls that need this challenging subject to see and receive it. Lord, strengthen our churches in the knowledge of the Holy Spirit and also the knowledge of your Word the only truth there is and ever will be. Lord, may these words bring glory and honor to You! You gave them to me and may they return to You with a harvest. Lord, inspire and make our Pastor’s capable and mighty. Lord, we ask that you would give them a double portion of your anointing and pour your spirit without measure upon us all. Lord, the days are evil, and I fear that most are flexing under the pressure of standing on your truth. Lord, renew in us a greater knowledge and understanding of your word and enable us through your Spirit to carry out what you have set before us. In Jesus Mighty and Powerful name, I bring these requests to You. Amen.

If we continue down this path, I do reverently fear that many will fall away from the faith because they do not know who are God truly is because of the lack of teaching in the church. Reminds me of Paul’s reminder to Timothy talking about Hymenaeus and Philetus teaching that the resurrection had already passed, their opinions got them to deviate from the truth and led many away.You can find this in 2 Timothy 2:17-18 See we can innocently be led by our flesh to navigate our opinions instead of God’s truth. We must be careful and diligent to be trusted with the gospel and entrusted to teach the fullness to the next generation. “See our deception can lead to the inception of innocents.” or as Paul say’s carnal Christian’s which are just babies in Christ meaning they can only handle small feedings of the word of God. We were never supposed to stay in this state. Unfortunately, carnal Christians often in today’s church never turn into mature Christian’s, and that leads to disease and decay of truth being spoken.It’s not a time to be far away from the Lord if you are good news is you have a Bible, and you have a mouth please ask Him to show you and, help you to understand. He is faithful to show me; I know He will be faithful to show you as well.

“See our deception can lead to the inception of innocent ones.”

-Kimberly Ferren