All God’s children wander in the wilderness but, we do not have to stay in the land of Egypt; we can choose the promised land.

~Kimberly Ferren


Beware of Egypt, and how it seems like a good place to stay! It is a place that visually looks secure and gives false hope and promise. But when you look deeper it is just a rotting carcass that is wasting away because it is the world and not God!

Everything in Hebrew has meaning some words have several meanings.  It is exciting studying and learning the culture and language! As a Christian with no Jewish bloodlines but also knowing that I have been grafted (hybrid vine) into the line by my Savior Yeshua (Jesus)( The original vine). Which as the Apostle Paul says came to save the Jew first but out of their rebellion came forth the sovereign plan of redemption for the whole world (all nations, Gentiles) which was declared through Genesis and displaying all the way through Revelation! Praise God!

So what I want to share a lesson I learned yesterday.

In Hebrew, the name for used for Egypt is Mitzrayim which means Narrow Straits/ Confined.

You know, I could not help but reflect on the book of Exodus when I hear the word Egypt. I know that God has a lot of meaning in His Word

Egypt is a physical place and a symbolic place that can describe all of us, and when we all were out of fellowship with God. Also, believing it is not only a physical place but, a description of moving and receiving a covenant with God. Just as the Israelite’s did by choosing to follow God by way of Moses out of Egypt; or to remain in a place, person, thing that is seductively leading and giving false hope and trust. Which we will stay in slavery and bondage to sin, and defeat and destruction. So let us be diligent not to remain in any sort of Egypt.

Remember when God was going to deliver the people of God out of slavery and into the promised land. Only 20% of them made it, and 80% wanted to return to Egypt and did return to Egypt. They became afraid to go into the promise land and did not trust the security of God. A fear which led to sin blinded them from the goodness of God. Let’s not forget that Moses was not even allowed in the promise land due to his disobedience by striking the rock again. Moses allowed the people to frustrate and anger him to do something against God! There is a valuable lesson for our leaders today inside the Church. I pray that we are obedient to God, so we are allowed to go forth into our promised land. That we do not permit people to frustrate us to the point, we feel like we have to prove God’s existence to them by going against our Gods instruction.

The Israelites honestly could not understand God’s deliverance/promise and they became rebellious and hard-hearted and decided that they would return to resemble a nation and a leader and a worldly comfort instead of choosing to follow God, and to obey because it is not instant and always is incredibly challenging and stressed. God is building your faith and trust. Is anything impossible for El Shaddai?

In Exodus 13:17-18 we see how the children of Israel left Egypt which God could have led them to the straight to the Philistines but, chose not too because He knew they would return right back around if they met war immediately! God knows what is best for our human limits and is merciful so that we can faithfully escape our Egypt, and God will lead us to the Promised Land only if we allow Him and trust Him no matter what. We know how this end’s written in scripture. We are aware through the whole wilderness the Israelites complain, become rebellious, ungrateful, and they try to take control over and over again. We know right before they come into the promise land there were large or giant men in that nation. God ordered for the Israelites to go into the land, but many were too afraid and simply did not believe God and turned back.


What is your Egypt? Your Egypt is a prison that restrains you from God! It takes you to make the first bold leap of faith! Not everyone can do this. Look at the numbers as evidence, but for the Israelite’s that did follow they received the view of the plan of redemption! God gives us commands and rules to bless us not as punishment.

If we choose not to follow He does not punish us but does allow our environment and our decisions to take hold of us because our flesh is unable to make anything right so, you see the dilemma if we choose not to follow God! He simply takes His hand off, so that we have to endure our consequences of our knowledge and wisdom.

The Hebrew word for Boat is AYNA which means a ship and boat and in Hebrew root word is YNA, and that means me and I.

This ship lets say is us since it does mean I or me. Typically this is a journey personal/ transitional Good or Bad either way! We refer to this as a Turning Point, or we say that a person is finding themselves. Egypt is often referred to as a journey of self into enslavement. Do not be a victim of false promises and seductive trust from man, things or governments. Bondage/Slavery/Entrapment resembles Egypt, and the only thing that is in waiting for us in Egypt is condemnation and frustration and being enslaved.

“Don’t let your boat, float you back to Egypt. Row it towards the promise land.”

Kimberly Ferren

Trust God and God alone to be the deliverer, to save, to be truthful, to provide and comfort. He cannot fail or deceive. We have a wonderful Father! Let’s take his promptings and wake up before it is too late, and we are already sailing toward that doomed nation of slavery and lies in my opinion.

We as the church have stopped rowing, and started floating. We know we are headed towards Egypt. Sadly, only a few are rowing and, we are running this boat in circles getting nowhere except further down the river towards Egypt which is slavery.

Kimberly Ferren

I speak this to you today whatever your Egypt is or might be I ask in my Saviors name Jesus Christ that He would awake Your spirit and reveal to you His plan of salvation and deliverance! In Jesus Mighty and Saving name Amen! Even so Lord, Even so