Talking to my precious baby sisters in Christ
The older ladies who Christ has placed in your life. The are there to teach you and guide you in Christ. Don’t always be on the defense with them. The biggest heartbreak is when we won’t allow or have mentors to help us. Precious, let us have a teachable and respectful spirit. These beautiful older ladies have so much wisdom to take us by hand and help us in and on our journey’s.

Talking to my beloved older sisters in Christ. Oh, how I treasure you and am grateful for you. What a treasure of experience, wisdom, and understanding you have. I want to just tell you how valued you are. We are watching, we are listening, we are even aching for what you have to add to our lives. I know, sometimes you feel mis-understood, misused, misplaced,but you beloved are not. You are cherished,and I promise there is a precious young lady willing to be mentored. Beloved, you are right where you are needed. You can help a struggling young lady who needs  guidance and wisdom only you can fulfill.

Don’t let the emotion of insecurity or possessiveness, block a beautiful season in your life and theirs. The younger generation in Christ needs you, and your mentoring. Believe me, without mentors and older ladies in Christ I would not have made it this far.

Those ladies have been pillars of strength.The Lord placed these older ladies when I was crumbling and stumbling.

Young, old, and the in betweeners, we must learn to appreciate each other.

 You can not have old with out young and you certainly wouldn’t have an in between.

Oh, how I love women. Especially, when we love one another. There is nothing more beautiful than a woman’s love. A love that has so many different ways and degrees in which we display love. Let us choose to love our sisters in Christ they are precious and delightful in His sight. No matter, what we have done, said, or even thought. We are all uniquely designed, but equally important. Let us never forget who we are in Christ. I love each beautiful pair of eyes that are reading this. I don’t even have to see those radiant eyes to know that Jesus fearfully and wonderfully made them.

You are beautiful and a delight in Christ. You are beautiful and a delight in the body of Christ! Irreplaceable and stunningly beautiful!

❤ Rest in that security of love tonight lovely.

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