To all my brothers and sisters in Christ, please know that in Christ we have unity. This is my heart today, I pray you receive this in love with love.

All the words in the world that you might say to indicate that you are grateful, or love someone in your life don’t add up if there is no action/response. Words don’t mean much if there is no action behind the words. I can speak about gratefulness and love till I’m blue in the face, but if you see my action of stillness and no reply, then you know where my heart is.

That’s discernment, not judgment. You observe not to find fault, you watch to understand how to pray for one another. We are called to help and love one another not to accuse or dismiss one another.

We live in a time where are seeing a new level of lawlessness and well quite frankly evil. If the church refuses to love in unity. By that I mean accusing one another as the enemy does, then how will we stand against these things. We need each other to fulfill our ministries, purposes, destiny’s in Christ. We need one another to encourage good works in Christ, to comfort each other when we are enduring difficult times.

We don’t have time to quarrel about worldly, fleshly, incomparable formalities about debatable theologies. You know Christ takes us from glory to glory. It is Him who has revealed Himself; we don’t.

Maybe just maybe that person that believes in the elders anointing the sick with oil has received divine healing to glorify Christ. Should we put the label of over spiritualize on their forehead, because we deem it theologically inaccurate? Maybe they have received spiritual deliverance from incredible bondages and shackles that held them prisoner not because of not believing in Christ but never knowing who they are in Christ. Christ allowed them to see the darkness so they can now help others who are in all sorts of captivity. Should we label them imbalanced/weird because Christ showed them how to stand and know who they are in Christ?

My point is if the theology is this: Jesus Christ is fully man, but yet fully God. Born of a virgin remaining perfect and blameless never committing a sin. Walking to the Cross of Calvary to pay the price of sin for every man, woman, and child. Crucified, buried in a tomb, and on the third day arising from death proclaiming victory.Finally, ascending from earth into heaven, to be seated at the right hand of God the Father.

Then, my friend, we are brothers and sisters in Christ we might not be the same spiritual age, but we are indeed bonded forever in Christ. I might disagree on some things theologically, but Christ in me accepts all that believe in Christ this includes the outcasts and the elite. As long as you believe in the gospel, then you are my family. I don’t accuse you of being a heretic, or a not child of God. I don’t accuse you of working for the other side.

Yes, sometimes we meet people in church or in life that are not of God. The only way to discern that is to ask them what they believe until then we can not make a discernment about them.If they believe in that solid truth in the gospel, they aren’t the devil. The word of God says that, go look it up. Stop with cursing folks who are your spiritual brothers and sisters because of their diversity in Christ. They aren’t lunatics or mentally ill.

Thier experiences in Christ are different, not wrong. We should be careful when we dismiss people or put labels that leave a mark. That’s slander. It’s time we embrace our diversity amongst the body, instead of rejecting one another and the hand saying to the foot we do not have any use for you. How sad that must make Jesus when his children are the source of pain to each other.

I’m obedient in writing this, I’m not here to tell you what you are doing wrong. I’m letting the Lord use me and whatever He says is truth and is right. I am not your enemy, I’m your sister. I have a gift of writing, teaching and I love the Word of God because it set this pit of despair and darkness free. It renewed and transformed me. This is what fuels and drives me even when it makes me extremely unpopular. My life is Christ. You don’t have to understand most days I don’t, but you surely should know, I belong to The Lord; no one else. You have the right to know that for sure about me.