Babies Breathe

First let’s pray as we set this notion in motion. Heavenly Father we come to you with the blinders off. We expose the darkness for its true value. Lord help us to recognize the devil at his schemes. He will not kill, steal, and destroy if we don’t allow him to. Give us the wisdom to stop him from doing harm to our relationships with family, friends and the community we live. God we know where our help comes from but we need the nudge at times to remind us to look up, to get down on our knees and pray like we have never before. Beyond just praying is the believing part. You can, you are able and you will see that the very best is completed with the most Love shown. We are undeserving. Thank You for forgiving our sins. God you are so Good. Thank You Jesus for your life and for becoming our Savior. In your precious name, our gratitude which is insufficient, we say Amen!

Taken from a recent article on the Desiring Gods page “Motherhood is Victory (Article by Rachel Jankovic) I had to pull a portion of it because I’ve been in battle with the “dragon”. He is trying to conquer in my household with devouring my daughter. She is a 13 year old who has zero clue as to what she is facing. What Mother’s go through to save their children from the viciousness of this world they have to live in. Well, most caring God following Mother’s I mean. Not all woman raising children had a mother to show them the way they should go. I pray that this message be of encouragement to another mother or even a daughter who didn’t have a mother to be there at war with Satan with her but she can for her own one day.

(Insertion: The portion of the Article by Rachel Jankovic that inspired this post.)

“It is natural and good that we delight in the little things with our children. God didn’t command mothers to rejoice over elbow dimples and the smell of a new baby’s head. He didn’t tell us to smile over them while they sleep, or to love the way they look in footie pajamas. He didn’t tell us these things, because He didn’t have to. That is the natural love of a mother for her children.”

Wow!!! Did you catch the wow moment? I did. That is the “Natural Love of a Mother for her children”…that part intrigued me the most. There is an urgency as a Mother to be at the for front of our children’s achievements and failures. Is that only to show how much we want to control their every move? Asking your teenage daughter that question would prompt the answer, yes. However we know better. She only knows her situation and believes it’s way worse than you experienced as a child. I laugh at the argument that happens when she tries to plead her case. I will admit that life in my home is pretty normal to our standards. We don’t curse, or watch just anything on television, we sensor what our children see, do and get involved with. I’ve gotten the silent treatment or a look cause I don’t allow my child to do things that other parents allow. I’m fine with it. I have had to handle much worse.

God has a sense of humor. He brought my husband and I together. I wholeheartedly believe that God strategically put us together for 2 reasons, to watch us try to blend a “leave it to beaver family” with a “rosanne & facts of life Family” for comedic purposes and triumphant purposes. He needs a laugh and also a “good cry” for how hard we work for his Glory! Let me tell you trying to blend both family dynamics is not easy. I fit in the Rosanne category of family. Except add the “Facts of Life” in there too. Raised with my biological mother until age 13, I was seasoned in a lot of unfortunate situations, then “a ward of the state” until age 18, that have made me into the person I am today. I see life so much fuller view than the way I’m raising my children. I tell them stories and even give them a taste with what I experienced by sharing people with them who were in my life in those dark times. We are involved with our community trying to share what other people go through by the work of our hands. We have extended our provisions beyond our own backyard in hopes that they understand the magnitude of blessings they have. Our family has grown over the years by some amazing individuals that call us their family. Our children won’t be blind when they go it alone. When they spread their wings and learn to be an adult in this great big world.

Goodness it’s my mission to be the person that they needed but not always desired. One day I know I’ll be appreciated but for now I’m standing firm with the foundations that have been set up for me by the knowledge I earned through my life. No apologies here. I’m proud that my “Natural instinct” to be the Loving Mother I am is being fulfilled by God each and everyday.

It’s not easy though. Since I didn’t get the same as a child I fail every day. I will raise my voice, not say the right things, close my mind off to avoid truth from what is being exposed, y’all I’m human! Can you relate? My flesh takes charge sometimes and I completely regret it. The thing that makes it all better is the relationship I have with Christ. It’s not below me to apologize when I’m wrong. It’s difficult sometimes to say I’m sorry but I can, I do say sorry. It’s important to show your children that you are not perfect. If you don’t than your going to have a hard time getting them to Love Jesus as much as you do.

There is nothing more precious than watching a new born baby take their very first Breathe outside of the womb. So let me tell you if it hasn’t been easy in life to Love people because of the continuous disappointments you have incurred, turn your heart upon the only Father who Loved you unconditionally. He is rooting for you and was from the day of conception. You didn’t have a choice in the beginning but you do in your ending. Your Breathe is sufficient enough to be valued as a gift from heaven. Take every one with gratitude and purpose to bring Jesus to life for every soul you come across. He died for you. Believe in his life, truly initiate his will over your own will, but most importantly live with a purpose that glorifies him.

Ephesians chapters 5 & 6 read and be empowered!

God Bless You and Your Families!

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