“Let Your Light Shine”

This past weekend I had the pleasure to join 30+ women in a spiritual journey that honestly has no words to describe except anointed! Before I try to describe how wonderful my journey was, let’s get started by saying a quick prayer.

Heavenly Father you are so Good! How amazing you are for all the things you show us each and every day through your works in our lives. Thank you God for your provisions in our lives. For always doing what is ultimately best for our walks alongside you. Life is unexpected and unpredictable but you are always there to build us up when we can’t seem to see past our adversity. Lord God I lift up each individual taking the time to read each blog that has been brought to life here in this blog space. I ask that the words be used as encouragement and that the light of Jesus shines through. In Jesus mighty name, Amen!

Thursday April 11, 2019 I started my journey to Emmaus. If you have never heard of the Walk to Emmaus, let me shine a bright light to help you understand it’s soul purpose. It’s a spiritual adventure that equips you to walk closer with God. It works from the inside out. You have no choice but to face the issues on hand that are keeping you from being your absolute best for God and the individuals that need to see God in you. Take a look at the link below.


Incredible right! How can you not make a decision to go on a spiritual journey? I know how.

For years I avoided going even though the Lord kept sending people to remind me he was calling me. I said no, not right now because I was waiting on someone else, I am too busy, my family needs me, read between the lines of your own excuses. The thing is, I was being disobedient. I’ve known for years that I had been called and my own fears kept me from growing spiritually. Kept me from having freedom from my captivity that inquired over all the years of my life.

I’m a spiritual individual that plugs God every chance I get. Yet, I was failing at the magnitude of it. I truly didn’t quite understand the intensity of my influence in the community and my family as I do now. I confess that I didn’t always express the behavior and example what I could have, had I been free from the bondage keeping me from responding the way I needed to through the adversity I faced. For that I ask for forgiveness. I am sorry. I know that after this past weekend I am forgiven for failing to shine the light on Jesus the way he deserves it. Failure brings humility. Let’s agree that it promotes change. Change to want to do things a better way than before.

I was asked what did I learn from my experience this weekend? At the closing ceremonies I said that I learned that we all are from different denominations, different races, and we all have the same goal. We are all chasing the same God. God isn’t discriminatory, he is a just God ready to walk along side each of us differently but in ways that we can relate to one another through the ups and downs life has to offer. He is constantly pursuing us and extending his hand out to show us how capable we are if we trust his way over our own. He literally wrapped his arms around me this weekend for the second time that my head was clear enough to feel it. It was indescribable!

Throughout the weekend God placed some really amazing women, who were complete strangers in my life that I’d like to say are my newest best friends. Each story we each had, we all knew something about because a part of our own personal journeys paralleled each other’s. The meetings were ordained. God knew we would be together, at that moment with each other, at the exact moment we needed it.

My Name is Cassie Fowler

Purchase Area Walk to Emmaus #138

Where I sat at the table of Sarah

I worship at “Gospel Mission”

(Church of Christ) inside joke!!!

These pictures were taken early in the weekend but I promise our smiles were much bigger and brighter the day we were going home. Even after being exhausted I could smile ear to ear with what I had experienced.

Goodness in reflection of this past weekend from the worship songs, to the agape team, the wonderful food, the chapel time, quiet time, story time, prayer time, pastoral influences and communion…. if you haven’t yet experienced this, please do make a commitment to go. If you have questions just leave me a message. I’d love to help you find the perfect walk for you. Emmaus was the light I needed in my journey and I guarantee you would agree with me after you experience the same as I did. The weight is gone! I left it at the cross! It’s no longer mine and I’m not picking it back up!

In conclusion to this post I hope that I’ve enabled the desire in your hearts to want to know more about the Walk to Emmaus. You will be richly blessed by the experience. Take my word for it, I am forever changed by my adventure to Emmaus. I will choose to be a light that will shine ever bright.

Be A Light! A Bright one, not a dim one.

Read Luke 24:13-35

Be encouraged, Be Grateful, Be Thankful, Be Blessed because you can and Are! May God continue to show you, through his works, the lamp to light your feet!

De Colores!!!

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