God Sited

Today I want to start out by opening up first thing in prayer. Let’s prepare our hearts for what God is leading through my post this morning.

Dear Heavenly Father we come to you in preparation for what this post represents of you this morning. How you want to allow others to get engaged with you this morning. Lord you know I understand my place in this ministry and I gladly accept what you are doing to help me grow closer with you. Lord I pray that in the midst of these posts we together help others see you. Father God Thank You for always showing up and showing out in my life and others around me. There isn’t an ounce of my day that I don’t recognize your divine appointments or mercy. I am grateful that you loved us so much, that you sent Jesus to die on the cross, so we can have everlasting life. Help us to be aware of your presence and be joyful in it. We praise your Holy Name. Amen!

Below is where I got this Blog post inspiration from. I encourage you to give it a listen.


God is sovereign! I hope you realize that. In the magnitude of aw….because no matter what your circumstance, he still remains the ruler of the universe and has the key to unlocking its adventure.

I’ll give you my interpretation.

Yesterday for example…. I was asked to join a conference meeting with a friend to support her ministry Women of Worship. I was given little information regarding its purpose. My goal initially was to speak of the ministry that is dear to my heart and give it an introduction in hopes that I could get the ministry plugged in the area. It’s outside our country and it’s hard to get the support it so needs when others are not familiar with what is going on outside our countries borders. Imani Milele Children Minisrty from Uganda Africa is a fantastic organization to partner with because of their faith but more over because they are humans needing help to sustain a life in this world. So I thought that I was only going to be a voice for them. Advocating for their mission. Goodness was I wrong.

While listening to the PowerPoint I could feel tears filling up in my eyes. The director of W.O.W Ministry was on point about the churches responsibility in the communities and how we have allowed the government to take over the areas that the church is responsible for. That we are missing the mission of reaching people for Christ and ultimately leading them to an undesirable place. We are so caught up in our own lives that we are missing the point of Jesus’s entrance and exit of the earth. Do you hear what I’m saying? We are failing miserably.

Listening to the examples of whom has been a recipient of the “access to God” I’m going to call it of the ministry W.O.W, a young woman sat listening and occasionally speaking. She was doodling a picture of a beautiful woman wearing a crown with the W.O.W logo. She was beautiful herself. The spirit of God was in her. You could tell though that she had been hurt deeply. She was the product of a life cycle that many are. The one where life feels as though it’s all consuming dysfunction is endless.

She had been listening to what the Devil was telling her in her mind. So she made up her mind that she wasn’t worthy of a good life. She was making one bad choice after the other. Than a woman of God was placed before her ( Courtney Hamilton W.O.W Leader)…. literally, she is seeing her worth. Turning completely away from her old self. Going from “I’m not worthy of mothering my child” to now saying “God is my refuge and he will build me up, he will help me raise my child.” Listening to her speak of the past to present situation was inspiring. She is a former foster child and so am I. I’m almost 20 years older. I was that girl to an extent. I know exactly where she is at.

A Pastor asked the women of worship director ” what is the end Goal for the ministry?” I raised my hand. I said “it’s me.” To be the hands and feet of Jesus, help others come to know him, help others to be able to see that their circumstances didn’t define who they are to become through the works of Christ in them. It was a divine appointment and the Holy Spirit saturated the room. He strategically placed each one of us at that time to shine on his great works. Goodness you had to be there.

(Read James 1:2-27)

In our lives we tend to loose focus of what our purpose is. We loose sight by our difficulties. By the loss of loved ones, natural disasters, sicknesses, financial obstacles, I mean, the journey through distractions from God are endless. Understanding where they stem from is important and who is in control. Satan is real y’all! He is here to kill, steal, and destroy. The best news is that GOD IS REAL TOO! He is SOVEREIGN! The KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS! He is able to move us by our willingness to let him into our lives through having a personal relationship with him. He desires our hearts. After all, we owe him that for all he has done for us, right!

The things God has done for me are phenomenal! He took an orphaned girl and turned her into a “Daughter of a King.” I’m God’s princess and I’m not looking back. He has shown me that through his vision for me that I am worthy and able to overcome many obstacles and I’m here to tell you, you can too! Just know who is the ruler of them and who is the enemy! Call out to Heaven while rebuking the Devil. You have his power and authority to do so. Take up the armor he has equipped you with. Things in this life are temporary. Joy comes in the morning.

(Read Hebrews 12:7-12)

Be Enlightened! Be Encouraged! Know you are Blessed! Love Like Jesus…by this they will Know!

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