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This ministry is to spread the gospel and to make disciples. We are equipping women to be Bible literate and to learn how to study the Word of God correctly. Song and Strength Ministries was founded in 2015.  We are forever grateful to Jesus for entrusting us with the gospel of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

We are a group of women dedicated to seeing, that women young and old are discipled well! Let me introduce you to each lady.

~Christa Sullivan

Broken, angry, lost, empty, self-destructing…

Praise God these words no longer describe me.  From atheist to Christian at the age of 28; I have been head over heels in love with Jesus for almost ten years. The word that best describes me now is TRANSFORMED.  I have been made whole through the blood of Jesus and am guided by the Holy Spirit to reach those who are as lost as I was once.  I am a wife to my soul mate, mother to an amazing young lady, foster mother, sister, daughter, and friend.  Each day that passes is an opportunity to grow closer to our Creator and Savior through complete surrender and dependence on Him.  I am thankful to be able to serve Him and pray that my life brings Him Glory.


Christa Sullivan

“And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.” (Romans 8:28)

~ @Cassandra Fowler
We all have that one person that knows us the very best. So in order for you all to get to know who I am, I’m letting my husband introduce me. Hahahaha! Just kidding. Can you imagine your spouse writing your biography? Well if you can’t, maybe you should. Food for thought.
I might one day but today is not the day. Let’s talk about me I guess. I’m a 30 something, kind of pushing the middle age mark woman with a husband of 15 years. We’ve been committed to each other for 21 years total. We have grown up together you would say. We are high school sweethearts. We have 2 beautiful children. A boy, age 11 and a girl , age 13. As a family we are active in our community participating in many extracurricular activities from church to sporting events. We are known in our community as a Christ Believing and Following Family. We have our priorities focused around God and what he has in store for our lives. Keeping the balance is the key to happiness. We all know that once God, Family and work gets out of balance, our world becomes chaotic. Who likes that. When I’m not wife”ing” or mommy”ing”, I am Boss”ing” as an independent Contractor as a Cosmetologist. My main focus is “Hairology” That is the study of hair for those of you who have never heard of that terminology. It is my belief that a creative person must be creating things. It was not a dream of mine to be a Hairologists . I wanted to do fashion design however making certain life choices led me into the next best thing and that was Cosmetology. In the gentle depths of my soul, I believe that every woman, everywhere… deserves to feel beautiful. I understand my role as a hairstylist and that is the one on one connection I have with each individual client. Beyond their outward appearance it’s my pleasure to share my testimony with each person I meet in the salon. They know where my heart is and whom it belongs. In case you were wondering… It’s JESUS of course! He is the reason for this blog! Hallelujah! As you can tell, I’m a little funny on my choice of wording. So that means I’m not looking for popularity with the mainstream grammar police. My goal is to bring entertaining but Bold messages upon the arrival of them that the Lord sees fit. So if you are looking for politically correct blogs or really intelligent wording beyond the comprehension of my “Stroke Brain” let me be the first to inform you, it’s not here. My Goal for 2019 is to introduce to you who my Jesus is and what he has done in my life through the course of my existence. So buckle up with me. It’s a wild ride and I can promise you, you will relate but more importantly it’s my mission to help you find your identity in Christ Jesus and not through the adversities you have made it past. Adversity is temporary, HALLELUJAH! I want Jesus to be the only explanation as to why you are coexisting like the rest of us. Ephesians 2:10 says that you are God’s masterpiece created anew to do the good works he has planned for you. Each one of us is uniquely designed and purposeful. If you need a cheerleader… sign me up! I am that woman! Can’t wait to get started with you all! Be Blessed! Know you are Blessed! Show Gratefulness! Most importantly be Thankful to God for his provisions and his Sufficient Grace!
Soulfully Yours,
Side note… I’m the emoji Queen! Best invention of the millennial era!
~ Rhonda Lange

I was saved at a young age; however, I didn’t truly understand or know what a relationship with God meant. So, I was a worldly Christian. He pursued me all my life and finally He brought me into a loving relationship with Him in my late 30’s; and I can’t get enough. I’m so thankful He is faithful, He never left me or forsake me. God has blessed me with a loving, God fearing man, and five years after we were married (after trying for several years) He blessed us with a son. God continues to grow me and draws me closer to Him. I’m a work in progress; and I’m excited about this next journey He’s about to take me on in Women’s Ministry. One of my gifts is music. I love to sing and lift His name on high!



~ Kimberly Ferren

I was saved at the age of fourteen I walked down the stairs of a little house on Wynn Way in Lexington, Ky and asked my mother:

” Mom! How do you become saved?”

right then she told me you just talk to Jesus and ask Him. Right there on our living room couch, I gave my heart to Jesus. Such a vivid and precious memory to any believer.

I would love to tell you that I was born and raised inside of the church, but that isn’t my story. My story is grace upon grace and going from strength to strength, sometimes wrestling God the whole way. A whole lot of healing and mercy!

For years and years I would cycle in and out of pits. I was the master of false faces I could make anyone believe that I was okay. When in reality I was dying on the inside. I did not really get involved in church until thirty years old. This time was different, this time God intended to the greatest work in my life bringing me into healing and revealing His will and my calling for my life. Looking back, I understand the last seven years of wilderness was to mold me into the woman that is writing this right now.

My heart is for women, my heart is to disciple and teach God’s daughters how to correctly study and apply the scriptures to their lives. I am a teacher of the word. That is my contribution to the body and I am honored to serve you.  My prayer for you, is that God would raise you up mighty in His word and Spirit. This is why I started Song and Strength Ministries I am continually praying for women to embrace their identities in Christ.

In Christ,