MyLord,My Strength and MySong

  • First, I want to just praise God and stand in awe of what He is doing in my life and in yours. About one year ago, I remember feeling as if my life was desperately out of control and I was surely not going to be intact through these storms that seemed to be so enormous. Around August 14th 2015 I found out that my best friend had been found on the stoop of her porch, left to die from an overdose and was in a coma. My head was spinning and I remember little after that phone call. See my friend was addicted to drugs and alcohol, and four of us friends had faithfully and with much long suffering had walked this walk with her. We had seen her in jail, in rehab centers, in court hearings, in a labor and delivery bed, at her work, you get the picture. We loved this woman. There were times that we weren’t given a choice to be there by her. There were times we had to separate because of illegal activity. Never once did we want to go but none the less we did. I look back and see the months leading up to her death and I know and can see the tender mercies of God dealing with five best friends. But that was not all that made me feel like my life was out of control and it was. Oh! I hold no control and that is the beauty. The same day that J passed I found out that my husband’s job of eighteen years was over. We had till November 1st to have a job for the both of us. It reminded me of the book of Esther when Haman issued a decree that by the end of the year this mass killing of the Israelites would take place. But not soon, eleven months after the decree was posted. That’s torment! That is how we felt like a doomsday was looming. So looking back a year later in the midst of severe grief from a loved one and a complete and utter loss of income, I felt hopeless. I remember knowing God was with me but not understanding what to do. So one morning I felt angry, not at Him but at this world, and at this pain that was exploding out of my chest. Physically hurting my chest at times. Not to mention casting my anxiety about the job loss. I set down and I said Jesus! Help! I need you like never before! That’s it, no fancy prayer, no constant prayer, I just cried out. I felt led to turn to Isaiah 12 not a verse the whole chapter and I know Jesus whispered to me I am, who I am. I am the Lord your God I will never leave not forsake you. Draw from the well of your salvation and remain in me. I am close to the brokenhearted and blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted. Trouble may come to you in this world but do not be afraid for I have overcome the world. Is there anyone who is like me? I just smiled and wept I knew in that moment that God would turn this around and use it for His glory. He is faithful and so good. Let me share what happened next. I love to write. I love to express myself in this capacity and I am more effective in written that in verbal for now. When I turned to Isaiah chapter 12 I saw the header it said a hymn of praise. I just smiled and thought ok??? But I continued to read and I saw in Isaiah 12:2  My Strength My Song, that stood out to me, and at this time I had been asking God for the name of the blog and the Facebook page name. I exclaimed “Is this my pages name?” I believe with all my heart I knew this was the name. I honestly felt like He was just shining on me and I never felt so much love in my life. I asked again “Lord, if I am outside of your will for my life, take this thought and desire out of my heart and mind.” This desire has intensified and is burning one year later. Why I wanted to share this is to tell someone out there that feels desolate and hopeless and weary that God is shining over you in your moment of need. He really is and He is wanting to do something exquisite and gorgeous in and with your broken life. The key is that no matter what we are facing we never fail to realize that He is ever present and close to us! He gave me beauty from ashes. From the fire you will be refined. This page and blog would have never come if I did not ask God to help! To help me get through this intact but to not be consumed in it. Out of that cry was the birth of something beautiful in me and in my life. It is my calling and it is my mission to help other women understand the Word of God and to help them know who they are in Christ Jesus. Listen sister, there is nothing like freedom in the valley’s and the mountains in this life. I pray that you know true freedom, I pray you are not a believer captive in bondage to sin, I pray that you are not lost and blind to the love and grace and mercy of the Lord Jesus Christ. If you don’t know Him personally would you like too? If you would would you please cry out to Jesus Christ and tell Him that you acknowledge and agree that you need Him to be the Lord over your life, that you need Him to invade every ounce of your heart! That you believe that He is the son of God and that He died and hung on the cross for you and all of your sin. That you are believing through faith that He was burried in a tomb and rose again on the third day. That you know He is King of Kings, the defeater of death. The promised Messiah! If you prayed any of that would you confess with your mouth That Jesus is Lord over your life as your Savior. I pray if you prayed that you would find a church and get under the umbrella of God’s word and have a hunger and love for Jesus like no other. I pray the Holy Spirit which now lives in your heart will guide and direct you all the days of your life. In Jesus Christ mighty name Amen! 

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    This verse in scripture is what inspired the page. God gave the name and almost 1 year later here we are. I know you hear me Lord, I know you see me Lord. Thank you Father for giving me such a beautiful platform to proclaim the gospel but also to continue to equip me in my purpose. Lord, as the world grows dimmer. Your light will shine splendidly. Lord, I want to glorify you and be the vessel that you mold to do your good works through. Thank you most of all for being my salvation, where just like the woman at the well I can joyfully draw water from the well of salvation. Isaiah 12:3. This verse is written upon my heart forever. Think of the woman at the well and as your thinking of her think of her saying Come and see! I met a man that told me all the things I ever did John 4:29. What a glorious day it was when we met the man but fully God Jesus Christ that loved us still even as sinners.Roman 5:8. Our God’s love is vast and eternal. Praise you Lord! šŸ™ŒšŸ™ŒšŸ™ŒšŸ™Œ

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